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Khud se CBT Techniques ko Use Karna Seekhein

A course by Dr. Praveen Tripathi (in Hindi)


3.5 hours

Self Help Content


to help you understand the concept better

Real life clinical cases

and situations with which you will be able to correlate

See how therapy sessions

happen with simulations

90 Days

CBT Course Access

Everything in easy

to understand language

In this course,

Dr. Praveen Tripathi is explaining the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the correct ways of using them. These techniques will help the patients in changing the patterns of negative thinking and start their journey of recovery from depression.

Do you have the following symptoms?

Do you feel sad most of the time?

Do you get negative thoughts most of the time?

Are you losing interest in most of the things?

Is it getting difficult for you to concentrate?

Is your sleeping getting worse?

Is life becoming difficult with every passing day?

If yes, you might be having depressive symptoms. Around 85% of patients with depression don’t get the treatment, and that results in significant disturbances in the personal and professional lives. Start your journey of recovery from depression.


Thank you so much sir, Negative thoughts bahut ate the, lekin kuch samaj nahi aa raha tha,, Lekin aapne bahot achchese samjhaya hai, aur vo kaam bhi karta hai, aap aisa hi dusre course late rahiyega.

- Reepal Tandel

I liked the solutions he gave to the problems I was having. My head was full of negative thoughts.  I started using the techniques and most of them worked and helped me in my daily life.

- Shubhankar Dubey

Sir, the whole course is great.  I'm practicing the mindfulness that you taught practically. These self help techniques are making me feel better every day. Thank you so much sir!!

- Aditya Reddy

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